The Average Price of a Scanning Operation

With a document scanning service, you can streamline the way you access and manage your documents while saving physical space in your office.


Typically, a scanning project costs anywhere from 11-17 cents per page scanned.


The price of your projects will vary according to exactly what you are looking for. It’s important to determine how much you have to scan, and any special features or service options you need.

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These are some of the questions our team will ask you.
Accurate answers help to ensure that you receive an accurate quote.
How many pages do you have to scan?

One way to tell how much paperwork you have is to count the number of boxes that you would like to be scanned.

If it’s full, a standard archive box of paperwork is right around 2,000 single sided pages.

From there, it’s a quick calculation: number of boxes x 2000 = approximate number of pages.

Single or Double Sided?

We will need to know how many boxes of your paperwork are single-sided or double-sided. This helps us figure out what your estimate time of the scanning project completion will look like in its entirety.

Is there prep work involved?

We will also need to know how much of your paperwork has staples and paperclips that need to be removed.

The more prep work that needs to be done is a factor in the price and duration of your project.

Where do you want your digitised files stored?

Your documents are converted into electronic files.  This can be in done in a variety of ways to suit your systems.
Minimise wasted time and increase productivity whilst ensuring the protection of your company’s information.

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