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  • How To Strengthen Your Offer With Improved Value

    Walking into a car dealership many years ago, I was ready for a transaction with value. What I found though proved different. It was near impossible to get anyone to talk to me!  When someone eventually came over, his first question to me was ‘So......

  • The wonderful world of Customer Service

    Customer Service Consistency – ‘But it wasn’t my fault’ I am living the dream at the moment – going through the second bathroom renovation in as many months, with three teenagers at home.  The jostling for position is as crazy as Bingo on pension day,......

  • Are you prepared to fail your way to success?

    What have I really got to lose? Am I prepared to fail in my efforts to succeed? How many times a day do you think, ‘I don’t want to do that or I don’t like to do that’? For me, I have thoughts like this......

  • The Tale Of A Legacy Lost: A Scanning Story

    Is it important to digitise the past to enjoy in the future? I remember when my Grandfather passed away, many years ago now, the comments made by his three sons, one daughter and many extended family were that this was the start of a legacy lost.......

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Recognised as a Business Solutions Expert, Sales Management Consultant and CRM Specialist. A ‘future’ enthusiast with a love for innovation, David is always looking for easier, better and more efficient ways to solve problems.

As founder and CEO of The Essential Group, David has helped thousands of business navigate the ever changing landscape of business and I enjoy mentoring tomorrow’s brightest entrepreneurs.

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