About Us

A team of industry experts focused on anything data related. We are passionate about efficiency and bringing effective solutions to business.

The Team

We value our diverse and accomplished team here at Essential HQ.  Our staff are important to us and to the success of our company.  We are proud that 80% of our staff are primary caretakers that we can support by providing flexible work hours.  Development and teamwork are celebrated and we are committed to continuous improvement while having a lot of fun together!

Our Story

An Aussie Company

Essential Solutions Australia was established in 2004.

David Harrison through years of business solutions experience had gained an understanding that businesses required more than one dimensional solutions simply offered around hardware and so quickly expanded to offer multiple lines of service.



Specifically, scanning, document handling and processing became a focus through our scanning bureau, Essential Imaging, over the past 10 years.  Essential Solutions has expanded to offer further services such as digital marketing and print and software solutions.


Essential HQ

Essential Solutions Australia has grown into an energetic team of 20+ Sales and Operational staff delivering Document Centric Solutions, both Hardcopy and Electronic into SME’s through to Corporates in the broader north-western communities of Melbourne.


Team Values

The business is built on old fashioned philosophies such as our word being exactly that, our word. Integrity and character has underpinned the growth of our boutique business being a common thread through everything we do.

Our Director, David Harrison maintains an active role in the business and has developed a team that has strong local knowledge, experience and professionalism. David and his wife Tara built the business from the lounge room of the family home supported by quality friends and family some who are still involved in the business today.


A Good Future

The growth of the business has largely been due to a corporate culture of high ethical standards, community involvement and delivering exceptional service. This continues today and into the future, as we maintain a strong commitment to innovative business strategies, using state-of-the-art technology and methods, all designed to produce the best possible outcomes for clients.

Our Vision

The Essential Group’s vision is to deliver genuine customer relationships that provide small to medium sized businesses with valuable, first class solutions.
Our service aims to be easy and convenient for our customers through sharing our data knowledge and experience.  We strive to build rapport and trust whilst delivering useful and complementary solutions.


Essential Imaging was the Hume City Council 2015 Business Awards Finalist in the category of Innovation and Enterprise.
Essential Imaging was the Hume City Council 2015 Business Awards Winner in the category of Small Business.


We Care

The Essential Group is proud to support The Widow’s Cause.